Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey everyone!

Thanks to Susan and Shirley of 100 mile finds my work will be available tomorrow along with:
100 mile finds will be setting up shop at Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks Farmer's Market.

Head over to the 100 mile finds blog for more info on this event and for lots of interesting stuff about art, life and other fabulous 100 mile finds vendors!

Happy day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things I Never Knew I Needed


A few years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to the sweater shaver. What the heck is a sweater shaver? you may ask… well let me tell ya!

You know those little "pills" that cover your acrylic, wool and cashmere (oh how I LOVE cashmere) clothing? A sweater shaver will collect and REMOVE them!

Run the shaver over the affected area and — presto! — no more "pills"! Your clothing will look fantastic again! My shaver in the photo above is a large electric model. I started out with this small battery powered shaver but soon, I was shaving everything in site which meant I had to empty the collection compartment quite often. A large electric shaver has a bigger collection bin and makes quick work of large and small projects.

So, before you toss your "pilly" socks, sweaters etc. — have a go at them with a sweater shaver.

I have to say, I get quite a sense of accomplishment by shaving something that is quite pilly… (yes, I do find joy in the smallest of things!)