Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two's A Party?

I was so excited to host an Etsy Craft Party! I created the Meetup page, sent invites via facebook and tweeted about it…

A local printer I work with quite often (I am a graphic designer) agreed to sponsor the event by printing (in colour!) the Craft Party hand-outs Etsy provided and the local university provided me with an amazing meeting room in which to hold the event.

Friday at 5:30 my husband and I made our way to the campus to set up for the party. (I have to tell you that spending a beautiful summer evening in a boardroom making crafts is not high on my husbands list of things to do).

I set up a table with handouts, name tags and sign-in sheet then got to work organizing the craft supplies. I had decided to make two crafts - fabric banners and paper tube sculptures.

As I waited for folks to show up, I began making a fabric banner.

I cut out the triangles.

I cut out letters.

I glued the letters onto the fabric triangles and then glued the triangles onto some ribbon.

I finished my banner.

At this point I began thinking that maybe no one would show up!

My husband is a photographer and after helping me get my supplies up to the room, he decided to walk around the campus to take some shots. He returned as I was beginning my second banner and was surprised to see no one had arrived yet.

He took some photos as I finished the second banner and began making a paper tube sculpture.

"What time are people supposed to be here?" he asked
"Anytime between six and eight-thirty" I replied.
"It's seven thirty" he said.

I started on my third banner…

The party was scheduled to run from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. At 8 pm we decided to pack up and head for home.

I was a bit sad that no one came to the party but I have to say I still had fun creating and crafting! I'm going to organize another craft party at some point ~ I think if I keep trying, eventually someone will turn up!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Craft Party!

The Etsy Craft Party is just around the corner, so grab your party hat and join us to celebrate creativity and community in Oshawa, Ontario on Friday, June 18, 2010 (which just so happens to be Etsy's birthday!).

We will be crafting in room CC2214 at Campus Corners (Durham College) located on the southeast corner of Simcoe Street and Colin Road. Check in at the security desk – tell them your here for the Etsy Craft Party!

Crafting supplies will be provided!

Etsy has provided us with some fun handouts and discount coupons from various sponsors!

If you are in the area and would like to join us you can sign up here.