Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two's A Party?

I was so excited to host an Etsy Craft Party! I created the Meetup page, sent invites via facebook and tweeted about it…

A local printer I work with quite often (I am a graphic designer) agreed to sponsor the event by printing (in colour!) the Craft Party hand-outs Etsy provided and the local university provided me with an amazing meeting room in which to hold the event.

Friday at 5:30 my husband and I made our way to the campus to set up for the party. (I have to tell you that spending a beautiful summer evening in a boardroom making crafts is not high on my husbands list of things to do).

I set up a table with handouts, name tags and sign-in sheet then got to work organizing the craft supplies. I had decided to make two crafts - fabric banners and paper tube sculptures.

As I waited for folks to show up, I began making a fabric banner.

I cut out the triangles.

I cut out letters.

I glued the letters onto the fabric triangles and then glued the triangles onto some ribbon.

I finished my banner.

At this point I began thinking that maybe no one would show up!

My husband is a photographer and after helping me get my supplies up to the room, he decided to walk around the campus to take some shots. He returned as I was beginning my second banner and was surprised to see no one had arrived yet.

He took some photos as I finished the second banner and began making a paper tube sculpture.

"What time are people supposed to be here?" he asked
"Anytime between six and eight-thirty" I replied.
"It's seven thirty" he said.

I started on my third banner…

The party was scheduled to run from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. At 8 pm we decided to pack up and head for home.

I was a bit sad that no one came to the party but I have to say I still had fun creating and crafting! I'm going to organize another craft party at some point ~ I think if I keep trying, eventually someone will turn up!


  1. Hi there - I just found your blog from a link on 100 Mile Finds! I'm located in Oshawa and I definitely would have come to your craft party had I known about it! Please let me know if you have another. I also sell on Etsy under jollypollypickins. Thanks

  2. well that's just sad! well done to the hubby - he's a keeper. :)

  3. thats a great idea!! wish i had known, or been part of etsy!, at the time!!

  4. Thanks for all your kind words everyone! Yep, my hubby is indeed a keeper! I am even more hopeful that the next Craft Party will see some visitors! (no where to go but UP after the no-show party! lol)